Schottky Diode Wafer
   Passive and Discrete  
 Semiconductor Components
TSI Wireless Products
Lumimax design and manufacture Low forward-drop and high efficiency 6" schottky wafer and diodes in different packages. Applications go to solar panel by-pass protection. 

* Io = 3~10Amp
* Vr = 10V ~ 40V
* Wafer thickness 3~12 mil
* Silver or Gold plating

Lumimax by-pass Schottky Diode Flyer

Lumimax Low VF Schottky Wafer Flyer

Lumimax General Purpose Schottky Wafer Flyer

TSI Active Antenna Flyer

TSI GPS Engine Board Flyer

     LED Lighting Products
Cable and Harness
Lumimax has been partnering with both US and Asian ISO Certified cable assembly houses to provide cable and harness assembly turnkey services.  We offer the following types:

* Audio/Video Cable
* Harness Assembly
* Flat Cables
* HDMI Cable
* Molded Cable
* Network Cable
* Power Cord
* USB 3.0 Cable
* RF Cable
* Fiber Optical Cable

Lumimax offer high efficiency, low cost, DLC/UL/CE certified quality LED lighting products. Application goes to both office, warehouse and various outdoor lighting. ​​​

*  MR16 DC 12V ~ 24V   

* DLC Street light and Bay Light

* 6" Recess down light

* SMD LED RGB Strips

* 1'x2' and 2'x2' Panel light

Smart/Slim Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is TSI’s new product to help mobile operator extend the RF signal coverage into any indoor environment from small to large scale.  

A Slim DAS system includes the 
Head End Unit (HEU) 
and couple 
Remote Access Unit  (RAU). 

The HEU can take RF signal 
from any source like Macro, Pico,Femto, Small Cell and transport the signal to RAUs in different locations via one single fiber.

Single HEU can convert and transport the RF signal to maximum six RAUs upto 3 miles distance.  Both star and daisy chain topology are supported.

​TSI's DAS has the advantages of easy installation, auto-calibration, low capital and operating cost, and to support SNMP. 

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