TSI Smart Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Smart/Slim Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is TSI’s new product to help mobile operator extend the RF signal coverage into any indoor environment from small to large scale.  

A Slim DAS system includes the  Head End Unit  (HEU) 
and couple  Remote Access Unit  (RAU).  The HEU can take RF signal 
from any source like Macro, Pico, Femto, Small Cell and transport the signal to RAUs in different locations via one single fiber.
Single HEU can convert and transport the RF signal to maximum six RAUs upto 3 miles distance.  Both star and daisy chain topology are supported.

​TSI's DAS has the advantages of easy installation, auto-calibration, low capital and operating cost, and to support SNMP.  

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   Top:  Head End Unit (HEU)
   Button:  Remote Antenna Unit (RAU)


   Capacity of TSI DAS

   *  95%+ transfer rate
       from RRU.

   *  3 miles of fiber optical

       networking extension.

   *  17,000 square feet signal

       coverage per RAU in
       open space.

   *  48 RAUs extension

       nodes for each Remote
       Radio Head (RRH)


Fig.  TSI sDAS Architecture

            TSI DAS Techninical Advantages

          1.  Distribute the LTE signal via a fiber network. 

          2.  Star or Daisy Chain hybird network.

          3.  2x2 MIMO in Single Optical Fiber

          4.  Easy installation with Auto-calibration function.

          5.  Support singl band multiple carriers operation.

          6.  Supports Simple Network Management Program (SNMP). 

       Specification of HEU and RAU

         *    Head End Unit (HEU)

         *    Remote Access Unit (RAU)

TSI iBwave Design Services
TSI provides design services for indoor and outdoor DAS projects.   We using industry standard design software iBwave to provide simulation analysis to enhance coverage and capacity for different projects ranging from Taiwan Righ Speed Rail, office buildings to wholesale warehouses.  Data from benchmark testing is often used top improve coverage and performance predictions in the designs.   From assistance and support with your designs to complete turn-key design, TSI can provide the solutions you need.

+  In Indonicia, we use 3pcs TSI DAS to replace 14pcs passive DAS MIMO Antennas in a parking lot. 

 Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) use TSI DAS solution in tunnels.

 Available Frequency Table 
    Band        Duplex Mode               Frequency                                 Model No./  
                                                                                                                 Option *
        1                FDD                  Uplink: 1920 ~ 1980 MHz               RAU-01_01
                                                    Downlink:  2110 ~ 2170 MHz         OA, PA, NC
        2                FDD                  Uplink: 1850 ~ 1910 MHz               RAU-02_01               
                                                    Downlink: 1930 ~ 1990 MHz          OA, PA, NC
        3                FDD                  Uplink:  1710 ~ 1785 MHz              RAU-03_01
                                                    Downlink: 1805 ~ 1880 MHz          OA, PA, NC
        4                FDD                  Uplink:  1710 ~ 1755 MHz              RAU-04_01
                                                    Downlink: 2100 ~ 2155 MHz         OA, PA, NC
        17              FDD                  Uplink: 704 ~  716 MHz                  RAU-17_01
                                                    Downlink: 734 ~ 746 MHz              OA, NC
        28              FDD                  Uplink:  703 ~  748 MHz                
                                                    Downlink:  758 ~  803 MHz            OA, NC
        40              TDD                  2300 ~ 2400 MHz                            

                                                                                                              OA, PA, NC                      
        41              TDD                  2496 ~ 2690 MHz                            
                                                                                                              OA, PA, NC

 *  OA: OMNI antenna, PA: Panel antenna, NC: N-type connector
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